BSD Utils for Linux

UPDATE: No, the project isn't entirely dead. I'm going to do some work on it today after I do some jobsearch-type stuff. Check back later.

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Help make this disclaimer unnecessary. Email the Daemonnews staff and tell them to do The Right Thing(TM). For the record, I have an improved article on Linuxports in the works, but it's not ready yet. Stay tuned, and please, for the love of God do NOT post anything to Daemonnews unless you make SURE you have the right information, because they will not fix it. Check for updates here

What the #@!% is this project???

Well, it was just a fun little project I decided to undertake a while back. I had no idea how much over my head I was. :-) My goal was to be able to build (and replace) much of the GNU toolset with the BSD equivalents.

Why? Do you hate RMS? Do you hate Free Software?

If I hated free software I wouldn't be doing anything under the BSD license, now would I? :-) No, I did it for an extremely simple reason: it sounded like fun at the time. Heck, this isn't my line of work. I just got a degree in journalism, for Pete's sake. No, I had originally decided to major in Computer Science, and it didn't work out. However, I really loved my Systems Programming class (one of the last I took) and thought, "Heck, why not try to do something with that now useless information." So I did.

What's with the name?

Well, when I started on this, I wanted to learn about automake and autoconf. I had originally decided to throw the two together. I realize now that that wasn't the best of decisions. So, now I rely on the original BSD Makefiles.

Yeah, I know, you're grumbling now. Get over it. :-) It's not that hard to fix up a working set of /usr/share/mk scripts--if I can do it, you can do it. Just grab, say, the NetBSD copy, or use the copy I packaged up, and modify to your heart's content. And hey, you only have to edit them once. :-)

I just looked at the crap you did, and you did a crappy job.

Fix it and mail me a diff.

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